Tuesday, February 18, 2014

About this little project

So for my last semester at George Mason University, I'm doing this independent study with Howard, officially its called Advanced Pattern Making. That title does not even come close to what I'm doing. Since I'm going into a career in costume construction, Howard has set up this independent study that basically combines everything I have seen and learned in the past 4 years as a student of Theatre at GMU. I'm constructing from scratch a 1800 German Couple, all I have is a historical rendering to go off of. I must flat pattern and drape everything on my own, using my knowledge of pattern make and research to create the final garments. I have been given two actors to build to and am in charge of taking all their measurements, so if something doesn't match its on me. The whole goal of this independent study is to take me through the process that I would expect from a regional theater. It is definitely going to be a challenge, but this is the sorta of challenge I absolutely love, I seriously couldn't see myself doing anything else. I just wish that when Howard ask my sophomore self what I want to do in theater after graduation I had known then, so I could have done more of these. But in all I feel fully prepare for this and it has been tough and with all the snow days it has delayed our schedule  bit which means extra late nights, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is what I'm making, this is all I was given to being with. In total the men has five pieces to build and the women has two.

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